J. Finn Wake

Novel, "Cry of the Seals," available in 2018!

This sci-fi young adult thriller follows two teens as they uncover a plot to change the course of evolution.

Noah has always been different.   When he was five years old, he would give an embarrassed shrug to try to explain the webbing between his fingers. Now at fifteen, he adeptly sidesteps the topic of his physical appearance—but he is clueless about how to explain the voices that recently started reverberating in his head. How can he explain crazy?  When mutilated seals begin washing up on beaches near his home town, Noah swears he can hear them crying out for help, trying to communicate something vitally important. But what?  When he tells his friend Taylor what’s happening, they decide to break into the nearby marine lab to find answers. What they uncover is a secret genetic editing project designed to change the course of evolution and are soon face-to-face with the man behind it all . . . and in a fight for their lives.

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Available in paperback for $10.99 or as an e-book for only $5.99 (sales tax applies).  

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About the Author


During the course of her career, J. Finn Wake has written hundreds of feature articles for regional magazines and newspapers, as well as essays in the Cup of Comfort series. 

She is currently the editor of a weekly newspaper 

and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Follow her on Twitter: @jfinnwake